Founded in 2013, Oko Vusa was established with the idea of providing a sophisticated and tailored approach to the world of compliance and regulation as it relates to B-BBEE and transformation.


Our approach and expertise are focused on maximising Enterprise and Supplier Development /Procurement, as it is worth 44 points on the scorecard. 

We assist clients in finding and developing transformation partner companies, who in time are introduced to the supply chain. We do this by using our vetting process and development program (Virtue Business Model). This in return helps clients with ESD and Procurement challenges. 

Small business continues to suffer a high failure rate, we are committed to bringing expertise and innovative thinking that promise to empower entrepreneurs through knowledge and insight sharing while helping organisations find impactful means of driving their transformation requirements.


We combine in-depth knowledge and understanding with the purpose to build sustainable foundations in order to bring accountability, good governance, simplicity and effectiveness to the process. Our methodology is about looking at where you are on their journey and  providing you with solutions that will be instrumental in contributing to existing business objectives and growth strategies while managing the perceived complexities of B-BBEE and transformation.  The better we understand you, the more effective we can be in helping your business grow to its full potential.


Designed with the intention of building profitable and sustainable job creation vechile's, for clients that are looking for a long term solution to Enterprise and Supplier Development. Our objective as Oko Vusa is to create businesses that are well thought out, able to deliver on promises and to dealing with job creation challenges.



ESD Spend
Business Selection
Return on Investment
Benefits of Model
  • Full points awarded once payment is made to Oko Vusa 

  • Verification pack provided

  • Return on investment

  • Long term approach to ESD and Procurement