We design, build and implement Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) solutions, specialising in Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) points and business impact.

What exactly is Enterprise and Supplier Development? In the context of South Africa, ESD refers to a set of affirmative action and local content development measures aimed at promoting economic transformation. Under the revised B-BBEE Codes, ESD refers to the combination of Preferential Procurement, Supplier Diversity, Supplier Development and Enterprise Development programs:

Preferential Procurement (25 +2 points) is a national policy aimed at public and sector procurement to buy goods and services from previously disadvantaged individuals or businesses.

Supplier Development (10 points) is the process of working with certain suppliers on a one-to-one basis to improve their performance for the benefit of the buying organisation, leading to improvements in the total added value from the supplier in question in terms of B-BBEE rating, product or service offering, business processes and performance, and improvements in lead times and delivery.

Enterprise Development (5 points) is an economic development strategy that is underpinned by building SMMEs, and integrating them into competitive markets that are stronger and more inclusive. Enterprise development is achieved by monetary and non-monetary, recoverable and non-recoverable contributions actually initiated in favour of a beneficiary entity by a measured entity with the specific objective of assisting or accelerating the development, sustainability and ultimate financial independence of the beneficiary.

Oko Vusa is about changing the Transformation landscape. Making compliance work hand-in-hand with real business objectives. Taking an inclusive approach to a traditionally top-down transaction. Its no longer enough to simply ‘score the points’, B-BBEE must also deliver value for money, create opportunities, and work to enhance the business environment.

Below an example of a sustainable development program that Oko Vusa designed, using the Oko Vusa Business Eco-System

About the project

Bloom Coffee is a transformation project that has been designed to create a business that seeks profitability and sustainability. Our goal is to compete with the best coffee providers in the country.


While we build a reputable South African brand we provide staff the opportunity to own their own Bloom Coffee store, Mobile unit or Trailor option. Entrepreneurial and Entrepreneurial training takes place weekly, with the intention to empower each individual to reach their full potential.  

By using the Oko Vusa's Entrepreneur Shift Blue Print Model we have managed to create a profitable business model that addresses true transformation and has the potential to grow exponentially.

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Why Bloom Coffee

  • A profit generating job creation vehicle

  • Cross border replication 

  • Skills development point allocation 

  • Full point allocation

  • Bonus points

  • Partnerships

  • Reporting

  • Transparency

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